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Niles ZR4 & ZR6 Multizone Audio Systems


While the ZR-4 and ZR-6 don’t have all the high-end bells and whistles of Niles’ IntelliControl product line, they carry the same commitment to quality and a price tag that makes them more affordable for those of us who want to experience the joys of having our music accessible anywhere in the house without investing in a more advanced and expensive system.


The ZR-4 centers around a receiver that can play up to four sources of music in four zones of the house, simultaneously (expandable to 8 zones with a second receiver). Each zone can be controlled via a wall-mounted weather-resistant Solo 4IR keypad, and the R-6L learning remote allows you to control the system as well as your television and cable/satellite TV.

Expanding on the aforementioned ZR-4 system, the ZR-6 receiver can handle up to 6 sources and 6 zones (expandable to 18 zones with multiple receivers). It also offers more options for control: the Solo 6IR keypad and R-8L learning remote function similarly to their ZR-4 series brethren, but the Solo 6IR can be paired with a Numeric 6P keypad (also weather-resistant) to offer additional control over your audio sources and numeric entry for direct access to radio stations and channels. The ZR-6 also includes the Solo 6MD keypad, featuring a bright, high-contrast LCD screen for easier, more intuitive access to your music.

Both systems are compatible with the DBI-1 doorbell interface, a device which connects to your doorbells and will lower the volume of whatever you’re listening to and play one of four pre-programmed tones (or one you’ve recorded yourself) so you don’t ever have to worry about missing the door while you’re enjoying your music collection. They can also be used with the ZR-KE keypad expander, allowing you to install more than one keypad in a single zone (up to 2 with ZR-4 systems and 3 keypads with the ZR-6).


For more detailed information, check out the ZR-4 and ZR6 lines on Niles’ website.

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