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In September 2020 AAVD, the A/V installation and on-site service division of Musician’s Workshop, was sold to our long-time employee John Haynes and is now operating as WNC Audio Video, LLC.   Contact him at or 828-222-0260.

Architectural Audio Video Designs™ is the custom design, installation and service division of Musician’s Workshop, Inc.® for quality sound and video systems. Established in 1967, we are Asheville and Western North Carolina’s oldest and most experienced designer and installer of sound and video systems for:

  • Residential Audio & Video
  • Houses of Worship
  • Inductive Loop & Assistive Listening Systems
  • Commercial & Hospitality Systems
  • Educational & Municipal Systems

Custom Design

By custom design we mean that in every project we strive to tailor each system to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of the client for performance and price while maintaining the highest level of reliability and ease of use.

This we back by exceptional service, support and training. We are experienced in working closely with your architect, general contractor, interior designer, custom cabinet makers and electrical contractor to assure that our work compliments the physical and aesthetic demands of the space and is coordinated with the work of others. This blend of performance, and aesthetics is the heart of custom.

Inductive Loop Assistive Listening Systems

Inductive looping is a method by which sound from an audio system is transmitted by a magnetic field and received by hearing aids or cochlear implants.  No additional equipment is needed.  You just switch the listening instrument to the “T” or “T-Coil” mode.  Several distinct advantages of the loop system are:

  • You use your own equipment, not one previously used by others
  • Your T-Coil is compatible with all loop systems
  • You always have your own receiver with you
  • Your T-Coil is tailored to your specific hearing needs by your audiologist

With a quality loop installation, persons with hearing loss may have as good or possibly even better listening experience that persons with normal hearing.

We are the only inductive loop design and installation company serving North Carolina to hold certifications from both Listen Tech/Ampetronic and Contacta:

  • Listen Technologies – Loop Designer Level I
  • Listen Technologies – Certified Loop Integrator Level II
  • Contacta – Loop Designer Certification

We provide a Certificate of IEC Conformity to the new enhanced international standard IEC 60118-4:2006 at the completion of every installation.  Our goal is to exceed the IEC standard in order to give you the ultimate in performance.

There are companies boldly claiming to be “IEC Certified”.  This is a falsehood.  No such certification exists.  Only the performance of the installation can be certified.  Ask to hear their systems in action, then hear ours.  Our systems speak for themselves as do our references.

Our 35+ years experience installing systems for worship and entertainment venues gives us a wealth of skills and insights into the “mix” of audio that is sent into the loop system.  Typically all audio in the sound system is supplied to the loop system because it is quick and easy.  We understand live sound systems and can advise our clients in the selection of microphones to be excluded from this mix.  Doing so will reduce echo, background noise and aural confusion to gain the maximum intelligibility.

In addition to “looping, we have many years experience with traditional FM (RF) and Infra Red (IR) systems.  We represent all major brands of equipment and can assist you with any existing system that you might have.

We’re ready to customize a system just for you

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  • WOW!  …it’s (the new inductive loop) just wonderful.  I’m in heaven!

    Kathy B. St. Jude Catholic Church
  • “I appreciate your help and have to say that the [Boardroom loop] system works really great…it has been a blessing to me.”

    John H. MSJ
  • I went to St. Eugene’s on Sunday and was most impressed. I sat in the back and could not hear a word the speakers said or the singers sang ’till I turned on my t-coils. Then it was like magic. What a difference! What an experience! I could hear every word, very clearly.

    Regarding the new Loop hearing system installation
  • The events this weekend were a success.  We had a good turnout..  I setup the new sound system… we got lots of compliments from the bands.  They all thought it was good sound, and it is infinitely easier to deal with than the old system.

    Thank you so much.  We are as happy as can be.

    Zuzana, Nantahala Outdoor Center

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