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Sonos SUB


The brand new Sonos SUB is a high fidelity wireless subwoofer designed to connect to your Sonos wireless music system at the press of a button. Its two force-cancelling speakers are positioned face-to-face in order to deliver all the thumping bass you could want without cabinet buzz and rattle.

Like the other components of a Sonos music system, the SUB connects to the rest of the system wirelessly – you can tuck it away out of sight, even under a couch, and enjoy the great sound with minimal clutter. Also like other Sonos components, the SUB features a built-in ethernet port. If your Sonos system is connected to your router and the internet, the SUB can deliver that connectivity to a nearby device such as a computer, game console or network hard drive.

As you might expect, the SUB integrates effortlessly with the rest of your system through the intuitive Sonos controller app. It’s available now in gloss black, and coming soon in matte black as well. You can read more about the rest of the Sonos wireless HiFi music system by clicking here and you can also check out their video presentation.

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