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Our 50+ year history in the music business and extensive experience servicing, selling and performing with the instruments we sell gives us the expertise to shop among the vast number of products on the market and select the best values for our customers.

Our staff members have the same goals and dreams as you our customer and we do not skimp on quality to make a quick sale.  We are in the business for the long haul and value our life long customers.

We strive to be your trusted resource for exceptional musical products and service before and after the sale. If we ever miss the mark we want to hear about it.  Just click on Customer Feedback at the bottom of our website pages.  If we have met or exceeded you expectations, our staff would appreciate hearing from you as well.

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At Musician’s Workshop®  we inspect each and every stringed instrument when we receive it.   Whether it’s a $99 entry level instrument or a $3000 Taylor “Limited” guitar, our 25 point “Advantage” check list is the same.  And every instrument from $299 and up receives our Extended Customer Service Plan (ECSP).  This is a FREE service plan and it shows our deep commitment to keep your instrument in top playing condition.  We are doing our part to help you fulfill your musical dreams.

FREE On Qualified Purchases – ECSP Is Discontinued as of 11/22/2023 

  1. The Extended Customer Service Plan covers service to new electric and acoustic  guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos, violins and ukuleles purchased at Musician’s Workshop ®.
  2. During the first 30 days of ownership, our luthier will address any concerns that you may have with your new instrument such as string height, neck adjustment, set-up for a different string gauge, tremolo adjustment and humidity issues.  Manufacturers do not include this in their warranty policy, however we provide this service to our ECSP customers at No Charge.
  3. During the 1st year of ownership, all service covered by a manufacturer’s warranty shall be performed in our shop at no cost to the customer whenever possible.  If we determine that the repair is best performed at the manufacturer’s service center we will make all arrangements, pack, insure and ship the instrument at no charge.  On extended warranties there will be a charge only for shipping, insurance and handling after the first year from date of invoice.
  4. All labor charges for non-warranty service performed in our shop shall be billed at 50% off our regular published shop rates.
  5. Only new stringed instruments, purchased at Musician’s Workshop® are covered by this plan.
  6. An instrument must invoice at $299.00 before tax to qualify for ECSP benefits.
  7. This plan is not transferable.
  8. A valid ECSP tag/card must be presented when covered service is requested.  Positive proof of identification may be required.
  9. Exclusions:  Repairs to correct…
    1. Work done by others including unqualified repair shops.
    2. Improper modifications
    3. Abuse and accidental damage
    4. Failure to maintain proper humidity

The MW Advantage – At most stores and online sites guitars, amplifiers, etc. have not see the light of day since they left the factory.  In many cases this means they have traveled halfway around the world on non air-conditioned ships and stored in a warehouse for many months before you receive them.

Stringed Instruments – We unpack, inspect and play each and every stringed instrument and amplifier.  Every stringed instrument is shop adjusted by our luthiers as necessary to ensure it plays its best when you buy it.  This 25 point service is a $75.00 value that we provide for FREE.  Ask your friends about us….  Our reputation speaks for itself.

25 Point check and inspection:

  • Body for cracks and separation at the glue joints.
  • Finish for flaws
  • Correct neck angle
  • Adjust neck relief if needed
  • Saddle Height
  • Bridge separation
  • Neck and headstock for cracks
  • Frets
    • properly seated, leveled & dressed
    • fret ends are not  protruding and sharp
  • Correct intonation, does instrument play in tune?
  • Properly working tuning machines
  • Re-notch nut slots as needed
  • Strap button(s) for security
  • Tarnished/corroded strings, replace if needed
  • Pickup height
  • Tremolo tension and travel adjustment
  • Test electronics
    • Tighten output jack
    • Controls are tight
    • Selector switch
    • Battery voltage
    • Bad ground hum & buzz
    • Scratchy controls
  • Tune and play the instrument.
  • Verify accurate serial number
  • Would you recommend this instrument to a friend?