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Musician’s, both local and touring, count on us for exceptional, reasonably priced and honest in-house repair and service. Our experienced service staff will work with you to ensure you get the service you need. It is our goal to keep your instrument sounding great for a lifetime of enjoyment.

For all brands of merchandise purchased from Musician’s Workshop®, we are your first contact for service after the sale including Warranty Service.  We will either provide in-house warranty service or facilitate warranty service by the manufacturer.

In most cases we have a direct relationship established through our many years as an Authorized Dealer for your product.  We are usually able to offer non-warranty service as well.

As a Factory Authorized Dealer we are able to obtain the original parts and technical support often not available to other shops.

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Electronics & Technical Shop Services

Musician’s Workshop maintains a staff to provide technical consultation, user training and repair services for most products we sell.  We provide warranty service only for products sold by us.

Warranty Service: 1st Year

We will provide warranty service in-house on products we sell at no cost to the customer.  We offer this service in order to provide you with the fastest possible turn-around time.

In the event we or the manufacturer determine the product should be returned to a Factory Authorized Service Center for resolution of the problem, we will provide in-house bench testing and preliminary diagnosis.

We pay all shipping, insurance and handling charges

Extended Warranty Service

For extended warranties (beyond the first year of ownership), we will provide the above services for our minimum bench fee and for the cost of shipping.

Our communications with the manufacture’s tech support and customer service departments is provided at no charge.

Technical Services

  • Wireless Microphone Systems – Frequency Selection Consultation, Diagnosis and Repair
  • Sound system design – Systems are designed in-house by our audio engineers with years of education, experience and ongoing factory training, using the latest in design software and equipment.
    • Live Stage
    • House of worship
    • Commercial
    • Educational
  • Sound system installation
  • Sound system on-site service
  • Hearing assistance (ALS) and Loop system design & installation

Luthier Shop Services

These services are performed regularly in our shop by our staff.  In addition, we offer many custom modifications and services to meet our customer’s individual needs.

String & Tune

Re-string and tune most all stringed instruments.  Whenever possible we will perform this service while you wait.  We suggest you call in advance if you will be waiting for your instrument.

Electric Guitar and Bass Repairs

  • Setup
  • Truss Rod Adjustment
  • Nut Repair or Construction
  • Fret Level
  • Intonation
  • Tuning Key Replacement
  • Floyd Rose Setup
  • Tremolo Adjustment
  • Pickup Height Adjustment
  • Neck Angle Adjustment
  • Bridge and/or Saddle Height Adjustment
  • Hardware Installation or Repair
  • Refret (includes fingerboard planing and lacquering for maple)
  • Body and Finish Damage
  • Cavity Routing (for pickups, tremolo systems, etc…)
  • Truss Rod Repair
  • Fingerboard Heat Treatment

Instrument Electronics

  • Component Replacement (jack, pots, etc…)
  • Pickup Installation
  • Standard & Custom Wiring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Acoustic Pickup Output Balancing
  • Cavity Routing
  • Kill Switch

Mandolin Family Repairs

Setup (extra attention is paid to paired strings concerning intonation)

  • Neck Adjust
  • Bridge Height
  • Pickup Installation
  • Fret Level
  • Tuning Key Replacement
  • Re-fret (includes fingerboard planing)
  • Neck Reset
  • Tone Bar or Bracing
  • Nut Repair or Construction
  • Fingerboard shimming
  • Bridge Installation (includes fitting feet to top)
  • Intonation
  • Advanced Intonation (involves adding or subtracting material from saddle as needed)
  • Cracks
  • Separation (top, sides, binding)
  • Neck and Headstock Damage
  • Finish Damage
  • Hardware Installation and Repair
  • Truss Rod Repair
  • Fingerboard Heat Treatment
  • Re-humidification

Strings (Violin, Double Bass, etc…)

  • Setup
  • Pickup Installation
  • Fingerboard Planing
  • Fingerboard Re-glue
  • Headstock and Neck Damage
  • Tuning Peg Replacement and Refitting
  • Bridge Fitting
  • Sound Post Reset
  • Sound Post Fitting
  • Separating Top and Sides
  • Tone Bar Repair and Reglue
  • Fingerboard Shimming
  • Nut Repair and Construction
  • Fingerboard Replacement
  • Re-humidification
  • Body and Finish Damage
  • Hardware Installation and Repair
  • Neck Reset

Banjo Repairs

  • Setup
  • Truss Rod Adjustment
  • Neck Angle Adjustment
  • Head Tightening
  • New Head Installation
  • Fifth String Nut Construction
  • Fifth String Peg Replacement
  • Fifth String Capo Installation
  • Rail Road Spike Installation
  • Tuning Key Replacement
  • Nut Repair and Construction
  • Hardware Replacement and Repair
  • Neck Shimming
  • Fret Level
  • Re-fret (includes fingerboard planing)
  • Truss Rod Repair
  • Bridge Installation
  • Fingerboard Heat Treatment
  • Pickup Installation

Service Staff


  • I wanted to say thanks to Mark for the great job on my Taylor 914. It is much easier to play now. I am very impressed with the repair done on a ding where the binding and wood meet. I cannot even tell that it was there.  Thanks,  Ray 7/2022

  • Your employees made suggestions to products that were realistic, not trying to “rip us off”.  They were very friendly, always willing to assist in any way they could, and I couldn’t have asked for a better trip.   Your sense of customer service puts others..(deleted)…to shame.

    Philip Thomas

  • My friend and I visited your store recently to look for a tube amp repair, to browse for cymbals, and possibly new guitar amps.  I would like to commend your staff and employees for their wonderful customer service.  …I will make Musician’s Workshop the only music store where I will buy my products.

  • Mark recently worked on three guitars for me. It is a privilege to have someone like him available.  Thanks.

    Jay   9/2022