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Behringer Bluetooth Speakers

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Behringer Stereo Bluetooth Speakers

Behringer is known for long lasting (3 Yr Warranty), high power powered speakers. Bluetooth STEREO is a feature that is often overlooked.  A phone or other BT device can be received wirelessly, Left Audio Channel on one speaker and Right Audio Channel on the other speaker.  Other brands receive the signal as mono only requiring a cable to interconnect with the speaker on the other side of the stage.

We give you Stereo BT and 1000 Watts of power for an extremely low price.

B112W $299.00 Each   As low as $10.47/Mo. 0% Interest, with Approved Credit.

B115W $349.00 Each     As low as $12.22/Mo.  0% Interest, with Approved Credit.

Complete Brochure & SpecsNon Bluetooth models as low as $199.00 – $299.00


Behringer 3 Year Warranty Registration


  • Beh_B112-5W_BackPanel
  • Beh_B112-5W_BackPanel

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