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NEW Fender Super Reverb

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Fender Super Reverb

“Tone Master”

The Super Reverb is in a class of it’s own among Fender vintage amps with it’s 4 Jensen 10″ speakers.

Drop by and give it a try,  You’ll be amazed at the versatility and the sound.


The Tone Master Super Reverb is the next addition to Fender’s acclaimed series of legendary amplifiers. Featuring Fender’s proprietary Tone Master modeling process and combined with player-centric features to maximize the utility of these amps, the Tone Master Super Reverb is a perfect replication of the legendary tube amplifier with modern features for today’s most demanding professionals.

The Tone Master Super Reverb is the magical combination of the mid-60s black panel amplifier circuit and four 10” speakers. It’s got the unique beefy sound of the large 4×10 cabinet, the chime of the Jensen P-10R alnico speakers, and an easily driven mid-powered 45W (simulated) amplifier. There’s no mistaking this sound when you plug into it, and now you can lift it easily and set the volume to the venue. With modern features including selectable output power and IR line out, the Tone Master Super Reverb is ideal for stage, studio, or home use.


  • Four Jensen P-10R alnico speakers
  • Normal and Vibrato channels, each with two inputs and Bright switches
  • Rear-panel output power selector for full power and five attenuated settings
  • Balanced XLR line output with impulse response (IR) cabinet simulations, level control, and ground switch
  • Lightweight, meranti ply cabinet
  • Power jewel illuminates in different colors for normal operation, warmup, and mute/silent mode
  • USB port for firmware upgrades
  • Universal worldwide 100V – 240V operation
  • Cover and two-button footswitch included

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