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PreSonus StudioLive AR

Category: New Stuff

StudioLive AR Hybrid Mixers

  • Pro-quality analog mixing and digital recording in one device
  • Built by musicians, for musicians.
  • All of the connections and controls you need.
  • Plug guitars and basses directly into the mixer.
  • It’s inputs; it’s playback; it’s the Super Channel!
  • Recording in the studio or at the gig-with or without a computer.
  • Fly in backing tracks and play break music, too.
  • Integrated software makes recording a snap.
  • Sweeten with digital effects for a polished, professional,-caliber sound.
  • A complete solution that’s compact, east to use, and built for the road.

    StudioLive AR8
    StudioLive AR812

    StudioLive AR16

  • ar8
  • ar12
  • ar16
  • ar8
  • ar12
  • ar16

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